Spedizioni GRATUITE in Italia per ordini a partire da 150€ sul ns shop online

Spedizioni GRATUITE in Italia per ordini a partire da 150€ sul ns shop online

Salento extra virgin olive oil buy online

Salento extra virgin olive oil Schirinzi

The site of the Azienda Olearia Schirinzi in English is born

The constant growth and constant demand for products from the Olearia Schirinzi Company, even beyond the Italian borders, leads us to accept a new challenge: arriving outside the boundaries with an innovative service and designed for the needs of those who do not live in Italy. The English online shop of the Olearia Schirinzi Company is born from the awareness that the products of Made in Italy, and in particular of the Apulian food and wine tradition, are increasingly in demand.

British and American tourists are fond of Salento, emigrants return every year, or as soon as they can, to rediscover the traditions, flavors, colors, smells reminiscent of childhood and the family so why not take Salento to England and in the united states? This is the question that the Olearia Schirinzi Company asked itself before creating an international shop in English.

The online shop extra virgin olive oil of Salento

The big moment has arrived: the new online shop for the Anglo-Saxon market of the Company Olearia Schirinzi has been published. The new shop can be reached from Salento Extra Virgin Olive Oil – completely in English for the foreign market of northern Europe.

Foreign applicants in the United States and England can contact us from the new shop to request information about our products and to buy them online, always with the certainty of having the same quality that can be found at the point of sale in Carmiano in the province of Lecce at the mill .

Buy online from the oil mill

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